a 21-year-old lady from Cambridge, United Kingdom

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"They tried to bury us. They didn't realize we were seeds."

I'm a Biology student currently living in the UK, studying at the University of Cambridge (If any Protagonizers happen to be from Cambridge, leave me a comment!  :) ).  I started writing several years ago, in Grade 8, and have stuck mainly to poetry, although now and then I've hesitantly ventured to the world of prose. Recently I haven't been writing much (have to channel all my words into writing research proposals), but I'm trying! I love music, and would always appreciate suggestions about new songs/artists to listen to! 

I use this site usually for poetry, but there are a few prose works up here:

  • The Flat of a Blade- solo(my first story on the website)(kinda stopped midway since I realized I didn't like it. Contemplating on opening it up for collab.)
  • A Cup of Coffee- Solo(story, I'm not very sure of it. I put it up to see if people think I should continue with it. Please give it a looksie :))
  • The Huge Protagonize Notebook- collab

And here is my poetry:

Some excellent Protagonize reads are(in no particular order):

And what is Protagonize without its members? I would be much smaller and much less confident as a writer now if it wasn't for the people on the site. Here is a list of people who have touched me in some way, either as a friend or an influence. Please check them out, each and everyone of them is brilliant and definitely deserve a read of two:

Add me on Facebook :) Any Protag-er is a friend of mine :) Just tell me that you're from Protagonize and your username, and I'll accept!

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