an 18-year-old person from North Carolina, United States

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"A towel, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. -Douglas Adams"

My name is Kayla.

I am 16 years of age, and I absolutely love books. Cliche.

Nonetheless, I have only recently (Sunday, May 10th, 2015) become comfortable with writing. I've started a book by the name of Sybillen  and I have one poem by the name of Dear Diary. 

I'm currently in the process of two other books, but neither of which have a complete chapter - I just know that they're playing out nicely in my imagination. I am open to collaborating my work, but I find it difficult to do that, because my writing style is different than most teenagers of my age. I love to receive feedback on my stories and criticism, as it helps me to grow. 

Aside from writing, I am a artist in other ways as well. I like to make drawings digitally and traditionally, and I'm a *fairly* decent vocalist. I like to listen to rock and metal 80's and 90's bands, and some modern music. 

I attend a Middle College, meaning I take both highschool and college, in hopes that I'll graduate with an associates degree. I'm currently going into my Junior year this August. I adore school.

As for the basics, my favorite colors are red and black. I love the number three. I respect all religions, and I am of the Pagan belief (Druidism, to be exact). My favorite book is actually not a book, but a the Ink Heart trilogy. My favorite band, and has been my favorite band since I was eight, would be Evanescence. And my favorite movie is Mulan. 

I do bite. 

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