a 19-year-old girl from a dark dark house in....., United Kingdom

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"me that guy go way back!! =)"

Hey, i'm 13 and weird and proud :) i like to wear checkered crap and converses. To be honest i don't actually write storys! I tried failed and here I am back again giving it another go. I took a little break from story writing then went into poetry then writing music. From then i strated to sing and actually sounded good. That's the basic info about me, I also play guitar (im adicted and name a song and i can play it), read, love the vampire diaries (it happedend so suddenly), like listening to paramore (listening to turn it of at the moment), I don't like following the crowd, love converses and watch music channles all day when im not at my crappy school! I've started a new story and tried to make it original (haven't put it up on this i'm gonna do it on word then put it up)! It's basiclly the other way round where the girl  takes lead and there's a back story to why she's like a controlling &^@$! who gets what she wants. I'm going to warn you i had to put vampires in it. I love vampires since i was about six (blame my dad) and also love zombies :) There cool (only if they were real) i have also done my research (ino right so gay) people do actually dress up as vampires and drink peoples blood, not nice at all watched it acidently on a docomenty channel, the guy had fake fangs and everything and wore them 24 7. He also slept in a coffin :| Anyway's leaving the vampire subject thats all you need to know about me.

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