a 50-year-old male from Steyning, United Kingdom

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"To trust a towel salesman with a tottering economy is as bad as using a mouse to move an elephant up a high hill."

I am a 45 year old married father and stepfather of four working towards a BA hons in English language and Lit.  I am a fan of late 80's  horror and 50's science fiction. But I am a wide reader; and have read Homer, Ray Bradbury Stephen king and the Journals and poetry of Sylvia Plath.
I have interests in Political thinking, especially socialism , as I was brought up in a passionately socialist home. I also have interests in philosophy, behavioural  science, technology, photography and poetry; and I have completed a small book of poetry with some prose, that I am trying to market. I have work on two sites ukauthors and abctales under the name I have for this site. 

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