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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


It's now April 2014, and pretty sure it's been about a year since I last was on here. Yikes! To be fair, I changed countries and jobs, thus lots of stress (and excuses).

Just last night I realized having a blog didn't mean I couldn't also have a protagonize profile (and active), mostly because I'm more likely to get feedback from you lovely folks. (Meaning I have to give back, of course.)

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The (pen) name’s Alison Juste, but you can call me Ali. I was born in one small country, moved to a neighboring bigger one when I was about two and became completely bilingual when I moved to California 12 or so years later. After graduating college, I wanted to return to Japan, so I applied and got in to the JET Program and got to teach English in rural Japan for two years. Now I’m teaching English in a French university and still going through a roller coaster of (reverse) culture shock.

As a kid, I always had a pretty active imagination and running from bad guys in an empty garden with my best friend was as fun as using Playmobil or, I admit it, Barbies and PollyPockets. When I moved to California, it was pretty lonely and I discovered anime and anime-inducing friends. That’s how I discovered fanfiction, and that’s pretty much what kickstarted my interest in writing. The overabundance of crazy, really awesome ideas (not to mention dreams) never really stopped, but I’m just now attempting to harness them for the greater good (or just mine).

As a TCK (Third Culture Kid), the prospect of moving around doesn’t bother me too much (except when I’m a tad lonely), and I think I’d really like to return to Asia, possibly South East Asia, in the future. Life’s a wonderful, surprising journey who opens last minute doors I didn’t know existed. I don’t know where I’ll be next and I can’t even begin of thinking of a country to ‘settle down’ in because first, I’d like to know what I’ll do with my life besides writing. Should I be a teacher and hop around countries, or should I attempt to be a translator/interpreter?

In the meantime, enjoy day trips inside my head, but please, keep an open mind. Who knows what you might find in there!

(Note: Everything on this site is a copy of my blog, feel free to check it out for goodies not posted here!)

I'm posting random 'memoir' tidbits that belong to my Sudden Snapshot category on my blog. They have no specific order and just highlight random moments from daily life.

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