a 25-year-old lady from Nemudx Prison

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nce upon a time there was a girl born in March of 1992. She was born with a name that is horribly butchered and constantly misspelled, but you may call her Ali. Over the years, she believed to be born a Vet, a singer, a translator but she finally found her true calling: writing.

Having spent the better part of her life writing anything from high and dark fantasy to general fiction, she finally found her calling in fantasy. She has partaken in many a NaNoWriMo season only to repeatedly flop and, in November of 2013, she opted to cease competing for the coveted 50k. In October of 2013 she completed her first novel, a former NaNo novel by the name of the Guardian Heir.

When not writing, she spends way too much time in and around pools in the Madison area to the point that her hair is slowly turning away from its brunette roots and taking on a blonde appearance, knitting winter-wear and tearing through her old work on her blog. Currently, she lives in an apartment with her live-in boyfriend and their ‘furry son,’ a pesky black cat by the name of Leonardo de Lionheart.

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