a 27-year-old female from Leeds, United Kingdom

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"You weren't much of a muse, But then I wasn't much of a poet... - Nick Cave"

So I just quit a creative writing course at university. If it was a better course I'd probably still be there, but I ended up doing less writing there than I did before I started. Hmm.

I'm 19, living a happy vegan life with my boyfriend and two cats...

I'm completely caught up in all sorts of creative things, I love music, art, poetry, prose, drama (although I'm not much of an actor!) and I'm open to all styles and genres of everything.

I'm very into the likes of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen etc, fantastic music and fantastic lyrics, but like I siad, there's not much music I won't try.

As for my writing... my work is all fairly mature, I'm debating how much I can actually post on here, but there'll be something up soon enough


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