a 34-year-old dude from Edmonton, Canada

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"If people who live five city blocks away don't understand why I play my heavy metal crap at 4:30am, then they don't understand life man, and they are unworthy to make the journey." -This impression of my bother I did about two years ago. It was a party favorite, I'm not too shameless to admit.

People have always told me that the best way to describe myself is in point form.

-I have a very Hobbesian perspective on human nature. This being a creative writing website, I thought I might start off with that blunt asessment. The nature of my writing tends to skewer towards this tangent.   (Thomas Hobbes, by the, way, was a 17th century English philosopher who argued that, without a strong central authority, be it in the form of despotism or democracy, human beings are subject to the same sort of survivalist pressures as any other animal on the planet. And, really, what are we as a species without the modern, global financial system?)

-I've been unhealthily obsessed with a particular socio-economic subject for the past year or so called "peak oil." For those of you out there who believe that global warming is the greatest threat to mankind, well, I really hate to burst your bubble, but Peak Oil is much more serious, perhaps because we'll experience significant social, economic, and political effects from Peak Oil long before global warming begins to manifest itself.

-I'm currently looking for a new place to live. My roomate is "kicking me out" because his brother needs a place to stay while he goes to Grant MacEwan in the fall, so I'll be dealing with looking for a place to live in Edmonton, where the vacancy rate is %0.00000001.......pretty much for the rest of August, seriously, the Summer Olympics are on? I really couldn't give less of a &@%!.

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