a man from Florida, United States

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"Vampires should never sparkle....."

Wind lashed at trees, ripping away leaves and snapping branches as rain surged down to swallow the earth. Thunder bellowed across the forested hillside. Motionlessly against the wreckage, that was just recently a long guarded outpost framed around a large hill, laid the lifeless body.Ragged cloths covered the corpse but were too little to hide wrists wearing thick broken manacles and hands darkly stains from freshly dried blood, . It refused to wash away with the rolling waters, determined to mark him even it death.  The rapidly rising floods crashed the body against a ruined wall. Pain shot through his head jarring him to consciousness  in the midst of the heavy storm. The man tossed and floundered, staggering to comprehend  his sudden situation. He fought for higher ground but as he rose and caught footing his legs ran. They rushed him faster and faster across the dangerous terrain through the storm and into the wilderness. Comprehension still eluded him but his fears was fading, becoming over powered by a fierce sense of relief, Tears mixed with rain as a tension in his body he didn't realize he had slipped away with every step, the weathers touch felt almost foreign and inspired such awe and simultaneously struck him with terror. He could recall nothing but this instinctive satisfaction. Only then did he observe the blood and restraints. A single question echoed across his thoughts that he could not answer.  " Who am I...."

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