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Alex Pak, the hero, exists in numerous separate worlds. He is a struggling artist; a world-renowned rockstar; an outcast of a society that is out for his blood. The only constant is his love for the girl he is fated to find in each and every circumstance.

 He’s not just a fictional character though. There is a human being behind Alex Pak, a pop singer-songwriter, but the line between the two Alexes is so fine that even his team doesn’t always see it.

 Every month, a new AP story comes out, consisting of an original song by Alex Pak, an artwork, and a little novel, a story happening in one of the many universes of the AP World. All songs and stories are available for listening and reading at this website.

 And you are invited to become more than a spectator. We want you to be an active part of the AP Code, a citizen of the AP World. This is possible by becoming a Patron of the project at It is also the only way to download the stories (MP3s, PDFs and all associated images and perks) for unlimited use.


Become a part of the AP Code and help us craft the AP World! Find out more at this location.

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