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For me, the whole point of collaborative fiction is that it's COLLABORATIVE. This means rolling with the punches even if someone inadvertently messes up your intended plotline. If you're that attached to your story or character, then you don't need to be writing collaboratively.

That being said, we should also respect others' ideas and plans and work with them as much as we can. Again, COLLABORATION.

I prefer to write for science-fiction/fantasy (preferably a blend of the two) or outrageously zany stuff. Off and on for the past ten years I've done all my collaborative storywriting on the Interactive Story Board at especially The Neverending Story Thread, which is nearly 11 years old. (Has nothing to do with the popular movie, although we've spoofed it several times.) It's zany, but it runs the gamut from slapstick humor to serious metafiction to melodramatic earth-shaking showdowns and a blend of everything inbetween.

If you're interested (even if only as a reader), check it out! Don't be intimidated by the length of what's gone before. All you have to do is click on the link to the latest page, where at the top we put a summary of where the story is at that point, making it as accessible as possible to new readers and writers.

But if you want to read the whole thing, don't let me stop you - it's a great romp!

My favorite type of story to read/write is what I call "space fantasy". There's no real technical term for this subgenre, but it's essentially a blend of sci-fi and fantasy. Magic and fantasy archetypes in space with futuristic technology. Star Wars is the classic example of this. The Force is basically magic (although this is of course a gross oversimplification), the Jedi wizards, and you have lightsabers which are basically "magic swords". You have your dark lord, your princess, etc.

Also, I love superhero comics, i.e. DC and Marvel Comics, particularly the former. Yes, I know I'm a total nerd, but in their settings, anything goes. Cosmic forces, potent magic, and outlandish powers exist side by side.

That being said, when I write for a story, I try to fit my writing to the story, rather than make everything I write the kind of space fantasy I want. It'd be kind of boring if all the stories were the same. I have kind of a weird creativity sometimes though - I can come with an idea branching off what's written that nobody's thought of putting in. But if it becomes a problem, I'll happily edit it, at the original author's urging.

Thanks, and remember, the point is to have FUN!

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