a 26-year-old woman from Nowhere Land, Antarctica

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"I trudge in a world of darkness and light, where these two unify so that we may understand the deep meaning of life's complexity and majesty" ASwanstrom.

Hello there!

Well, so let's start. To be hoenst, the nick I use here is a pen name I chose for myself. You can also find me on wattpad under the nick Al3xis_

Since I want to make my work more well known and sought I have decided to enter this site again and try to attract readers into it. The stories I will be posting are special to me and are fruits of very hard work and concentration but are also free to open critique obviously.

Now, I am aware that most of my stories are dark themed and that may contain a certain amount of violence, drama, substance abuse etc etc within which of course may be easily judged by a reader. However, I would also like the reader to be able to convey, interpet and judge it's content for themselves inspite of the themes they contain. As every individual is different, every individual is going to interpret them in their own way.

There is also nothing autobiographical about them and they are just works of pure fiction brought forward to you so that you may enjoy, feel and get inspired from such writings.

In addition to all this, I have my own blog which I am working on that may contain some spoilers, other essays and of course material related to my stories. Well, it is up to you to figure it out, but you won't regret paying a visit there, as I am working for it's content to be a worthwhile read.

Should you want to contact me in any other way you can do so on the following address: please note that spamming, inappropriate mail, abusive mail and such will be automatically deleted.

See you all around soon

Alexis Swanstrom.

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