a guy from the United Kingdom

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"<3 you know they say in every mans life there comes a time where he gets struck by the arrow of cupid or the love of god, or the beauty of a woman and sometimes this love brings thunder to your life... and it brings the storm... <3"

No Idea what to talk about here, not gonna lie


Music- Pretty Much everything, 'cept ridiculously hard scream rock and some classical music xD atm, just a bit of nickleback/lostprophets and im obsessed with Ich Kenne Nichts, ITS AMAZING !*@%*ESi

Loves- Basketball, for life, standard. Then my family, both of them, ;) writing ofc

Dreams.... thats personal, y'all can get lost ;) haha

In the Wise words of Michael Jordan, I can accept failure, but I just can't accept not trying.

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