a 22-year-old female from Kolkata, India

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"' When you are born everyone smiles, live your life in such a manner that when you die everyone cries'"



The same old view from

The dim windows

Irritate me, I hate it.


The same gloomy rooms

I drag my time in

Give me a headache, I hate it.


The same frugal lunch

Which I swallow fast to avoid the taste

Blackens my tongue, I hate it.


The same savage faces

Keep blabbering when I’m not listening

Frustrates me, I hate it.


The same loneliness

Breeding absurd thoughts inside

Tires me, I hate it.


The same obstacle race

 I am running when everybody has crossed the line

Defeats me, I hate it.


The same old tune

I play every time on my detuned strings

Maddens me, I hate it.


The same solitary nights

The dog barking for sharing its pain

Enthuses me but still I hate it.


The same old life

Me hating everything around and within

Wants to kill me and I love it.


So me in the same old way

Consume death hoping destruction of agony;

I reach for the unknown door with excess dripping off my lips,

But I’m not there anymore to love or hate it.

 - Aficionado

I was about commit suicide dat day, But i threw down my frustration on paper through this poem.

I loved it and then crushed the paper in my palm.

I knew dat i had to live, if not for anything else but to write more!


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