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"Sometimes the truth is not good enough. Sometimes people deserve more." - The Dark Knight

Once upon a time, there was a writer. This writer liked to write. He would write, and write, and write. But as he wrote, life went on and things would happen. Oftentimes certain things would stop him, and it made keeping up with writing difficult.

 He might at times be on hiatus, but knows his true calling and understands its part of who he is. If he is not writing, then something must be wrong.  He realizes that if something is wrong, it is a reason to write.  One could speculate that he, like so many others, writes because he can, but that would be not be all that correct.

 He understands that rationale but it does not change who and what he is, and what particular culture that his pieces of work will  represent.  His appears to be part of the general consensus, among those artists of a certain kind, who are so like him and unlike him. He writes because he must. 

We write because we want our paradigm of ideas to be seen and heard, we read because we wish to come to with ephiphanies that even our own mind has not realized or told us. Our world is nothing but perfect, and though writing will not make it so, it still helps, because its good to know that we are not alone in our ignorance.

In the end,  as a certain historical person (Socrates) pointed out a little while ago, we do know nothing. But this is reason to enough to collect our thoughts and make something of what we have, while we can, because regardless of the products importance, its significance will last.

The one thing which endures is an idea.  Ideas are designed to serve a purpose. It does not matter that the idea came from a mortal mind.  Writing is an art and therefore a form of tangible imagination.  But the more important thing is this, not what the idea is, but what it once was. Pure imagination. Cherish ideas, engage in them and be sure to protect them. We die. But here is the thing.  Imagination is transparent... and eternal.

I used to be on this site under the name TempestFlux. There was a lot going on before, but I changed the pen-name because I want it to reflect who I am, not the unfornuate circumstances I too often encounter. I don't know how much I will get the chance to be on this site but I love it. Its got all kinds of people to meet across the world, people of all ages, and we still got one thing in common.

I would spell it out what we got in common, but I hope that speaks for itself! I hope we all can help each other on our personal quests, no matter how casual or serious. (It does not even have to be about or related to writing ) Just be sure of one thing,  if there is something you want in life, go for it. Like so. 



It is what it is

Nothing more

But still

A Dream is a Wish

Grant it...

I think its time to change the subject. I'm not just someone stuck in the mud! I can also grant people IM profiles,for those who want to befriend or be ultramodern pen pals with me. Don't be afraid or hesitate to ask! I'l do it on a whim! I use a lot of writing tools which help me make order out of chaos now and be sure to ask about them if you think they might help. Writing is hard enough without them.

I also like to talk about things which have nothing to do with writing. I am quite eccentric. I might seem uber formal on here, but I do like to talk with sophisication mixing it up with a plethora of intellectia and ebonics! 

End of rant, and of course, dream on!


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