just a dudette from Under your bed

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"A man paints with his brain, not hands. [Michelangelo] Welcome to my grand mess. [Michael Turner]"

Hiya kittens!

I'm new here and I'm an aspiring illustrator FTW. I've been drawing for... hmmm about five... or six years, and I'm trying MY BEST with my art.  I'm working hard by myself, because I have nobody who teaches me, so I'm always looking for some advices and critiques!

Well I love drawing and painting quite everything, but I do love superheroines, superheroes, animals and female characters in general... especially the sexy ones! Hells yeah! BTW, I don't like anime style very much *quite not at all*, but I love new challenges!

For the rest, I'm a boring eggplant *dummyface*

No, REALLY boring.


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