a guy from Abuja, Nigeria

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"Those that do things that count never stop to count them"

The very first observation you would have when meeting me for the first time is that I am downright funny(everyone knows that. You will tend to think I am weird and outspoken or evenpretentious(to get attention). But deep within that is a very shy guy who loves making others feel better about themselves and gets the kicks out of seeing smiling faces. I dont flatter as a matter of principle, i tell you what i see and thats that.

Interests: Writing, article writing, graphics design, designing web pages and sketching, current affairs, net surfing, research , information gathering, multimedia design, history and historical events, entertainment, technology related activities.
Hobbies : Reading, singing, acting, teaching, drawing, making others laugh among others.

Other activities of interest to me include: Leadership, Administration, Human Resources and Capacity Building, Program Formulation, Research, Project Management, Resource Management, Public Speaking, Training and Facilitation.

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