a 23-year-old young buck from Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

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"Then they brought forth a man on a stretcher who was sick of the palsy, and they said unto the Lord: "Maestro, this man is sick of the palsy." And the lord said: "If I had to spend my entire life on a stretcher, I'd be pretty SICK of the Palsy too!" And they were filled with joy!" - Rowan Atkinson, live

Wow.. What am I meant to say here?
Well, I'm Adam Janes, 17! I'm a poet / writer, rock-climber, music lover, philosopher, sole savior of the Janes name and un-paid comedian. Anything else you wanna know simply ask. don't be shy. :)

Well, I think it's time I wrote something about myself huh. Well, I have now finished at School for THE REST OF MY LIFE!! I'm a poet / writer by passion and unpaid comedian by personality. I LOVE music. If I didn't have that I would die! And I like any music too, so ask me what I like. :) I'm a very open and honest person and one of the very few romantic people left on Earth. :P Ask me anything and you will get a straight (or, at least an attempted straight) answer. :)

Take care now, don't die on me ok? :) Bye now :P

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