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"Plato was a bore." - Friedrich Nietzsche


Well, first of all, I send my greetings to everyone reading this. No, scratch that. Not half as sincere or modest as it's intended to be. First of all, I’d like to send my greetings to anyone reading this. Well, it could be better but it’ll do. I suppose.  


Anyway, I’m here because I like books. What? You like books? That’s going to be the first impression you’re projecting of yourself? Fine, I like words. What does that even mean?! I’m here because I’ve always had a passion in literature – in whatever form it may come in – and writing. Okay, that was good. Well, good enough.


Moving on, my fascination with words has always made me want to build ideas with them. When I was smaller, younger and (god help me) squeakier,  I didn’t even unwrap the action figures I had for Christmas without first mapping out a script and a plan of each action figure’s motive for blowing each other’s brains out.

At school, my best subject – and most favoured – has always been English. Not because I was bad at everything else, (nope, for I ‘twas a boffin in pretty much everything), but because I enjoyed it more than anything else. When I was in Maths, solving the uninspiring heap of number problems, I was thinking of stories. When I was in Science, looking at the bonds of covalent structures, I was thinking of stories.


Here’s an idea: what if 7 was the biological son of 10 but 10 wasn’t aware of it because 5, 10’s father, didn’t know that 2, 5’s ex-wife, was pregnant with 7 before they split up? (Now that’s a maths a problem!)  And what if the element of Carbon was secretly a land, a mythical land, where electrons, protons and neutrons vigorously lived in merry attainment under the premiership of their king, the Nucleus?


Anyway, that’s my mind. And that’s what brings me here. It has come to a point, in my 16 years of living, where I feel the need to share my scribblings, my ideas, my thoughts with everyone else. Maybe it’s an ego thing. Maybe it’s a British thing. Maybe it’s an Adam thing. Whatever it is, I want you, oh-so-faithful reader, to be there with me. 

(Could that sentence get any cheesier?)

Whatever it is, I want you, oh-so-faithful reader, to be there with me - in my quest into the land of Cheese, in the kingdom of Cheesewell, on the continent of Cheeseville, on the planet of Cheeseington, in the galaxy of…

Well, you get the point.

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