a dude from Berlin, Germany

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"A meals not a meal without meat."

Always satire, always comedy, I'm not sure why, it's just what comes out.

I wrote a book! All the way to the end! I know, crazy. I also released it and I would consider it only polite if you would now immediately go and order 47 copies -

I'm an Internet Marketer by trade. 

My stories:

Like How American Am I?  (not a good one for Americans to read)

Letter To Director of Human Centipede (not a good one for the director of Human Centipede to read)

Hello Flenky (not a good one for realists to read)

The Average Day In the Life of a Woman (not a good one for women to read)

419 Scam that is not actually a Scam (not a good one for Nigerians to read)

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