a 35-year-old chap from the United Kingdom

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"Imagine if there were no hypothetical situations"

I'm Adam. I write alot. Tragically, I read more.

I am in a band, called Nino Tirez. We can be found if you search myspace or facebook, and we have a website.

I love Music and Books, and I enjoy nothing more than a cosy night out getting absolutely %^*&ing hammered, embarassing myself, and offending people.

There is one thing I enjoy more than that actually.

A mental night in with a cup of tea.

I am never on msn, but feel free to add me using and feel free to talk to me on facebook. I am part of the Protagonize group, so it shouldn't be too hard to find me.

I LOVE to write. I LOVE protagonize, and I really really am satisfied when somebody adds to one of my posts and compliments me, so don't be shy.

All writers are artists, and in my view, having the freedom to outpour to a communicative and understanding audience is an incomparably positive thing.

I live in Cornwall with my lovely girlfriend, and I am a lone parent.

- Books recently read:
     Armageddon's children, by Terry Brooks, (ace)
     The Elves of Cintra, by Terry Brooks, (ace)
     Against a dark background, by Iain M Banks, (not that dark)
     The High Druid of Shannara series, by Terry Brooks, (a bit predictable)
- Books currently being read:
     The Elder Gods, by David and Leigh Eddings, (crap)
     We need to talk about Kevin, by Lionel Shriver, (dark)
     Colonization: Second Contact, by Harry Turtledove, (genius)
     Shadowmarch, by Tad Williams, (good one to get lost in)

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