just a cat from Otter space o.o

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Dragons. Dragons. And more dragons.

In case you havent discovered it yet, I'm fascinated by dragons o.o I'm fanatic of fantasy, science fiction and of mysteries and adventures. With a great imagination, when I was small I would create worlds inn which to play with my siblings, specially my brother, as we are only one year apart.
I love animals and have had a great variety of them :D really hehe. Right now I share my room with two beautiful cats and  bunny :3
I'm studying engineering , and my pasion are books haha I would love to be able to write awesome things for others to read, but I have yet a long road ahead... I'm not able to finish stories longer than 5 pages >_< haha.
There's it, that's me, more or less.
You may call me Apoc, and I hope that soon I can share with you some of my ideas :D

( for my spanish works ^_^ )

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