a 29-year-old broad from the middle of the corn belt, United States

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There are times in the lives of ordinary people that are pivot points - moments when you are faced with a choice: muddle on, or change. Mostly, ordinary people choose to muddle on, staying in the same poorly choreographed routines and occasionally grumbling about boredom and dusty joints. But sometimes we do choose the road less taken, a gravel side-street with hidden dragons, because being safe and ordinary isn't enough. We realize we are worth more than two-stepping to a moldy beat, living the life of an ancient potato: all eyes and no feet.

I am an ordinary person, but I’m making an extraordinary choice. I’m going to lift myself off my saggy, micro-suede couch and grow feet. I will refuse to live the ordinary and safe dances, and choose a waltz that’s worthy of me. 

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