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"Stand for something, or you'll fall for anything."

Also Known As: Aaka, Snaps, Cub, Red, Sparta.

Aaka is a nineteen-year-old Taurus with a love for the whole of history. She is a Jesus Freak and has devoted her life to becoming the best Christian she can be. By definition, she has the “adventurer” personality type, or ESTP. She never backs down from a fight and holds her ground in what she believes to be “right.” Sarcasm drips from most of her sentences; humor of any kind if the best quality, in her eyes. She is very outgoing and anomalous.

The college sophomore enjoys creating fictional worlds of which she can control any dynamic, portrayed through her post-apocalyptic fictional series. The series is not yet posted on Protagonize, for one day it shall be on the bestseller shelves.


  • Writing, with a specialty in action and futuristic worlds.
  • History, with a particular love for the Middle Ages.
  • Music, ranging anywhere from Skillet to Darude.
  • Biology, interested enough to major in it.
  • Video Games, with a preference for RPGs.
  • Leadership, the ability to stand out and take control.
  • Politics, often teetering between conservative and liberal.
  • Languages, with a great interest in Finnish, German, and Spanish.
  • Canines, specifically dingoes and dogs.
  • Finland, with a fondness for the geography, culture, language, and dog breeds.

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