a 47-year-old dude from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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"I feel more like i do now then when i first got here."

Yet, another, person who's migrated here from Ficlets.  Hoping to recapture some of that story-magic with some of my old friends.  I also wish to keep the LEAGUE OF AWESOME alive, and I reserve the right to retain my title:

Master of the +10 Guitar of Awesomeness!

I'm a system administrator, born and raised in Ottawa, Canada.  Since the early 80's, I've been writing anything from AD&D modules to short stories.  I wrote my first novel in high-school.  At the time, it was the shizna!! Now? Looking back at it, it was fun to write, but i was horrible.  But that is how it all started.

Over the years, I run online writing guilds which concentrated on Play By Post RPG writing in a world that I created back in my D&D days, called Astelbania.

*SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED AND WON NANOWRIMO 2008, by writing a novel over 60,000 words long called: Amethyst: Outer-Rim based on a ficlets series!*


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