a male from Cairo, Egypt

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"“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” --Albert Einstein"

I do not truly know what to say :), Well, May I give myself the freedom to say that I am interested in Reading in General, in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Great Ficition and general reading? I will sooner or later get myself an account on any reading track list so that I can show you the books I read and loved.

I love writing, and the arts in general, I am fascinated with describing my imagination, I do mostly everything while listening to Music, I like Ambient, Dark Ambient, Classical and J-Electropop.

My favorite Artists are Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Pierre-Auguste Cot. Writers Charles Dickens, Alan Lightman, Mark Zusak, Tatiana de Rosyany.

Favorite composers Jesper Kyd, Mozart, Beethoven. Favorite Musical Pieces: Requeim, Lacrimosa by Mozart, Moonlight by Beethoven, Home in Florence and Heart by Jesper Kyd. English is my second language, but the best language I am able to talk.

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