a 30-year-old dude from Mumbai, India

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"you need to know how to "LIKE" a person you love before you "LOVE" a person whom you like!!!"

Hello everyone!! I'am ANIRBAN..I hail from Mumbai which is the business capital of India. A brief info about myself:-

A 22 year old who wants to be known to have been different. A person who never followed a life full of rules created by other humans..just like himself. A hunger for imagination in any field invites a great form of work in my life. I'am not a voracious reader.. but I certainly have the words to explain things that happen around everything and everyone. I'am not a follower as I love to be a trend-setter in the things I love to do. Realizing life and the world in a different way has always been my main work. I dont say that I'am any different to others..i just think differently to various situations. Just like the way creativity differs from day to day advertisements that make us buy the products that are being advertised.

Lastly..I'am not a writer at all..But too many words inside a person's brain makes him/her go crazy to write what he/she has to. A person with a good sense of humor and the ability to make friends would end my list of defining me.


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