a dame from Asian Continent, India

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"When its doesnt mind...it does not mind :)"

Hi there, Im Chitra.I have no clue what brings you to my profile, but now that you are here, let me make it worth your while. I love writing, I have written few articles for a friend's local magazine, well, that does not put me on a map or something, but I guess, its just a beginning.

Reading is my passion, I have my own small library at home, which Im hoping will only grow in time.Now Im adding my child's books to it as well, and yes,I do hope that she develops the same passion that I feel for them.

I have blogged few times,but never really liked them, hoping that this website gives me an avenue to fully release the writing bug in me.Im not a perfectionist,but I love to read anything and everything,thats well written.I appreciate hard and clever work, so if you write well, do not be surprised if I leave you a note.....well, for now, thats all I can do.

And yes, please feel free to correct or criticise me, if you dont like anything  that I publish,I love honesty and if it helps,then why not?

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