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"The faint fresh flame of young year flushes, From leaf to flower, and flower to fruit. -Algernon Charles Swinburne (from The Hounds of Spring)"

I love stories that keep you thinking long after you've finished them.

I love authors that take risks with their writing, who try out new concepts, new ideas, but ultimately, who write for themselves and bring to life the story inside them.

I'm still new at this. Honestly, it feels like I do more thinking than putting words on paper. But it's a start. Who knows if I'll even use this site. I hope I do though, I want to make writing a bigger part of my life. 

French being my mother tongue, I may chose to post some stories en Français as well as in English. J'espère qu'il y en a d'entre vous qui les comprendrez.

Whatever I end up posting, I hope it is enjoyed. 

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