a 28-year-old dame from the United States

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How do I describe myself?  I'm very observant of other people, but myself?  Thats difficult.  My personality changes every second of day.  One minute I'm shy as can be, and the next, I'm the most outgoing person in the room.  

I'm a listener.  No matter what is being said, I listen to it.  Sometimes thats weird to people.  They want to know why I don't say much.  Like I said, it's because I'm listening.  When I need to say a lot, I write it down.

Ordinary Information:                                                                            -I'm short, pale and half scottish

-My Grandmother did not want my Mum to marry "some American"

-If you have chocolate, you better offer me some, I'll get it anyway

-I'm not like the average American girl, though I might look like it at times 

-I have blonde hair and green eyes

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