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"Izzz not how smart yo' 'r' BUT how yo' 'r' smart." - (street version of Albert Einstein) *** (this indicates a new quote, like when you use it for flashbacks) Why, hello there. I just wanted you to see this. BAH-BAM!



     Why, hello there! Welcome to my bakery, my little corner on Earth, where the line runs right out the door, but it is oh-so very worth it. Please, keep your jaw closed. I know the smell wafts and is driving you mad, but you will catch flies and...whatnot.

     If you do not know what the term academia means, look it up! It takes away the whole purpose of the literary tool; mind, you :). It is my own twist on the nickname "smart cookie." As for the "2b," here I am, waiting for these babies to pop out of the oven.

     Anyone hungry? Well, too bad, suckers! Huhuhu, your order will be right up.

     While you wait, you should check out that ingredient on the top of my shelf: -->Nicole (Doodler123)<--. Yessirooni, she is my nutmeg (this is what happens when I have only one friend: I compare her to a spice). I will be kick-starting with her on a collaboration soon, and I will be working on an "abstract" piece.

     So, sit back, relax in my cutesy, cozy, little place. My academia cookies just need to cool.

     By the way, I have a bizarre love for school soap (it smells like cherries!), restaurant crayons, and microwaveable pillow pet imitations. Oh, does anyone know if the show Bunheads is based off the book?

     Boopsies! Any images, references, etc. I do NOT own.

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