a 24-year-old dude from St.Catharines, Canada

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"Pray that no land mammals learn to fly, as bird droppings are bad enough."

Hello anyone reading this, just a young guy looking to do some creative writing and get some decent feedback. Have been searching around for a nice website that will give legitimate feedback as well as have some actual writing on it. I live in the half-dead city of St.Catharines, which is located in the Niagara Region of Ontario for those of you not in the know. I enjoy epic  fantasy, most types of sci-fi, as well as slipstream and gonzo writings. Things that incorporate elements of steam, diesel, and retro-futurism are always great in my books. Lately, I have been taking an interest in the weird fantasy writings of today, as it's a genre that someone can do a lot with if they have a flexible imagination methinks. Other interests of mine include things like video gaming, anime, manga, and just learning about new and interesting topics, as i'm sure you have noticed, I have very simple tastes. Gardening and nature walking are also some of my favorite things to do. As far as careers go, I am hoping to earn a diploma in journalism with some focus on creative writing. I am a teenage parent, I have a two year old son that is currently in a fifty-fifty shared custody, and he is probably the only thing that keeps my fine ass going as well as one of the few things worth fighting for. When it comes to the political spectrum, I am generally far left, but I don't completely disagree with all forms of right wing thought. If you do read my writing, thanks a lot in advance for at least giving me a chance, even if you do think it's a steaming pile that should be involved in a nazi book burning. Criticism is always welcome of course, if you're a fair person, as that is my primary reason for joining this community. If I sound cool and radical to you, please drop me a line so we can chat over cyber coffee and internet pastries. 

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