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Hi everybody.

I'm Steve from the Midlands, UK.

I'm an avid reader, though these days I don't read half as much as I used to, or like to.

My mum's fault really, since she got me reading from an early age (thanks ma, you're the best) and three decades and slightly more later, I'm still reading.

I used to read just Sci-Fi and Fantasy but have now branched out into thrillers and just that simply labelled thing called fiction.  My favourite authors include Tad Williams, Peter F. Hamilton, George RR Martin, Andy McNab and John Grisham.

For a long time now I've tried my hand at writing. It was always my favourite part of English lessons at school and now and then a moment of inspiration becomes several hours of typing and then frustration when I don't think it's good enough, only to end up in some kind of lost dimension (if one exists).

I've read some good stories on here and I really like the concept of other people adding their input to an overall story.

So I'm thinking some stuff up, hopefully across several genres, but mainly in Sci-fi and action adventure and will soon post some on here.  Hope you like them and will add to them.

Comments are welcome.  Good ones of course but constructive criticism will be massively welcomed also.

Many thanks for visiting.

Steve :)

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