a 24-year-old ragamuffin from Liverpool, United Kingdom

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"Verva Omnes Liberant"

Right, well, I guess there's not much to say particularly interesting about me in particular. I'm pretty much the average teenager: studying, partying; generally just living life. You need to really get to know me to understand how I can be different, but for now I'm just going to post random $&@, mainly addressing certain things that have happened to me. Maybe something that I'm passionate about or that bothers me? Perhaps I may bore those very few who would stumble across this blog with my (most likely depressing) poetry and attempts of writing pros :)
Hope I don't push anyone over the edge. I severely hope no one reads this anyway, it's more for me. Seeing as I'm more likely to not loose this amongst endless piles of books like I would my diary.

Anyway; enough rambling :)
I'm David.
I'm 17 right now and to be honest it's not that bad like most would think. Can be exhausting with the relentless confusion that invades most of my daily thoughts, but generally I find that fading them out works pretty well. Leave them for later.
I study music, history, art and English literature (L)
I'm dangerously passionate about English (that doesn't make sense to you, but it does to me, seriously dangerous is the only way to explain it). English is my forte', it is most definitely what I want to do in Uni (come 2010; grades permitting) I would love to study at Exeter/Cornwall University. It just sounds completely tranquil and I can guarantee I would drench myself in literature whilst there. The scenery alone provokes my mind into combustion.

OK I don't want to bore anyone so I'm just going to write a list, a lot shorter and easier to read :

I am :

  • Obsessive (Charmed, Harry Potter... naming two of many)
  • Creative
  • Emotional
  • Strangely empathetic, it scares me a little
  • Passionate about what I like
  • Immature, yet at the same time very mature. I live on my own, pay my own bills, buy my own food, wash my own clothes. Pretty much everything that you do when you're an independent adult. So, yes, in that sense, I am very mature.
  • Open to everything
  • Impulsive, which can, undoubtedly be hazardous, but the consequences, or outcomes as I would prefer to say (consequences makes it sound like a negative thing) provide me with the life lessons needed, and already obtained, that have and will in the future keep me steady and strong :)
  • Very loving, I love pretty much everyone, there are of course those special few that I consider my favourites, but I do care about people, despite my initial misjudgements.
  • Anything but normal

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