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"Life's too short to be organized." -Kendall Schmidt

Hiya! Welcome to my profile :)

I'm a writer who's in the process of trying to get published. Other than writing, I love to act! I've been in the background of movies and in a few plays. For fun, I draw manga and my profile picture is a "self-portrait" that I drew LOL ^.^

My friends think I'm a hippie and sometimes I guess I am hahaa! I love the Earth and I really want to make a difference someday...that's probably why I want to become a Psychologist once I'm older. I also adore animals; especially kitty cats! They are just TOO adorable <3

I'm a huge Rusher (fan of Big Time Rush) and Gleek (fan of Glee). Logan and Kurt are my all time favorites from the two shows! I met Big Time Rush in February of 2012 and hope to possibly meet Chris Colfer (Kurt) someday soon! In my dreams, I'm married to Logan and Kurt's my best friend. LOL and Colbie Caillat is my neighbor :) that's be awesome-sauce!

Thanks for reading :D



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