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"the most beautiful things in this life are the things you barely notice; a leaf blowing on a breeze, a smile from a childhood friend. Beauty is found in the most trivial things, or so it seems"

Hey yall. im Jade, 18 years old, bisexual and very much in love with my girlfriend. Lately gay hate and debates are really bugging me and the fact that in public i cant show simple PDA other hetero relationships can. Had some bad bad things in my past, but hasn't everyone? well...thats kinda all you need to know to understand my writing a bit more...

okay, so hey! this is sevenwaystosunday, a.k.a dasha fox, a.k.a Jade's best friend c:

soooo jade's crazy, fun, and i swear i migh beat her for charging me with writing this :p but sweriously, jade is the sweetest. she never fails to make me smile or laugh and she's the best person i know c: there really isnt much to say really. she's not really an open book per say, but she's the kind of person to tell you how it is if you ask her. i love her, she's my best friend, more like a sister to me really. she's incredible and honestly, she's one of the best writers i know c:

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